Tablets & Capsule Counter

Single electronic counter providing the best in speed, accuracy and versatility.

The STREET FIGHTER™ (SF series) exceeds cGMP specifications and is designed to meet future regulatory requirements. Countlab® visionary design combined with the most current state-of-the-art computer processing, allowing for an effortless tablet counting experience

The STREET FIGHTER™ electronic tablet counter is designed to handle tablets, caplets, capsules and soft gels. It is capable of handling a wide range of diffrent container shapes and sizes, All while being able to minimize the change-over time through machined parts and simple latching mechanisms.

From the vivid solid-state tablet channels and distribution manifold to the programmable bottle feeding system, the STREET FIGHTER™ is the new standard for electronic tablet counters. visibly recognized for its improvements in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), reduction in change over time, and simplification of daily operations, it is easy to see why the STREET FIGHTER™ is at the top of its category.

The SF-100 benefits include:

Up to 150 Bottles Per Minutes

Reduced Parameter Settings

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Repeatable Quick Change Over




See it in action:

Technical Data

Applications: Tablets | Caplets | Hard Caps | Soft Gels

Speed: Up to 150 BPM* (Estimated at 100 counts per bottle)

Tablet Diameter: From 2 mm to 20 mm

Capsule Size: From 5 to 000

Bottle Diameter: Min. 35mm (1.3in.) Max. 160mm (6.3in.)

Bottle Height: Min. 50mm (1.9in.) Max. 300mm (11.8in.)

Air Supply: 0CFM

Dimension: W: 1852mm x D: 1300mm x H: 1800mm

Standard Feature

• Frame made of stainless steel 304

• Machine resting on adjustable stabilizer feet for equipment stability

• Electrical and mechanical components are located inside the frame of the machine for complete protection

• Easy dismantling of the contact parts without the use of any tools

• Wide lockable inspection doors for routine maintenance

• Adjustable bottle stand

Counting unit composed of

• Product contact parts are stainless steel 316 and FDA approved materials

• One stainless steel 316L hopper with adjustable outlet gate

• “V”-shaped vibratory plates to feed the product into the counting system

• 4 counting channels

• Each channel has an individual detection system to count the products during free fall.

• Ultra high-speed optical sensors (2500 scans/sec) with dust compensation system

• Machine is equipped with a universal filling nozzle

Counting system composed of

• NEMA 4X stainless steel panel control integrated directly on the machine

• Emergency switch on the panel control

• Machine controlled with P.L.C.

• Multi-color touch screen control interface with Ethernet connection

• Programmable and adjustable vibratory feeder

Installation requirements

• Built in accordance to CSA standards (Canadian Standard Association)

• 110 Volts, Single phase, 60/50Hz, 5 Amp (specials request available)

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