Tablets & Capsule Counter

Smallest electronic counter of the SF-Series providing the best in speed, accuracy and versatility.

COUNTLAB® STREET FIGHTER™ 50 (SF-50) electronic counter exceeds cGMP specifications and increases production efficiency.

The STREET FIGHTER™ 50 tablet counter is designed to handle tablets, caplets, hard caps, and soft gels. It can accommodate a wide range of container sizes and shapes. Change-over time has been minimized through keyed parts and simply latching mechanisms.

The STREET FIGHTER™ 50 (SF-50) is configured to maximize production efficiency and simplify the packaging process. In comparison to current standard of the same class, the SF-50 is more compact while providing greater output.

The SF-50 benefits include:

Up to 50 Bottles Per Minutes

Reduced Parameter Settings

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Repeatable Quick Change Over




Technical Data

Applications: Tablets | Caplets | Hard Caps | Soft Gels

Speed: Up to 50 BPM* (Estimated at 50 counts per bottle)

Tablet Diameter: From 2 mm to 20 mm

Capsule Size: From 5 to 000

Bottle Diameter: Min. 35mm (1.3in.) Max. 160mm (6.3in.)

Bottle Height: Min. 50mm (1.9in.) Max. 300mm (11.8in.)

Air Supply: 0CFM

Standard Feature

• Frame made of stainless steel 304

• Machine resting on adjustable stabilizer feet for equipment stability

• Electrical and mechanical components are located inside the frame of the machine for complete protection

• Easy dismantling of the contact parts without the use of any tools

• Wide lockable inspection doors for routine maintenance

• Adjustable bottle stand

Counting unit composed of

• Product contact parts are stainless steel 316 and FDA approved materials

• One stainless steel 316L hopper with adjustable outlet gate

• “V”-shaped vibratory plates to feed the product into the counting system

• 4 counting channels

• Each channel has an individual detection system to count the products during free fall.

• Ultra high-speed optical sensors (2500 scans/sec) with dust compensation system

• Machine is equipped with a universal filling nozzle

Counting system composed of

• NEMA 4X stainless steel panel control integrated directly on the machine

• Emergency switch on the panel control

• Machine controlled with P.L.C.

• Multi-color touch screen control interface with Ethernet connection

• Programmable and adjustable vibratory feeder

Installation requirements

• Built in accordance to CSA standards (Canadian Standard Association)

• 110 Volts, Single phase, 60/50Hz, 5 Amp (specials request available)

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